Integration with data sources:


Lean Data Infrastructure

for Data Driven Enterprise
Technology for data storage and processing
Technological innovation from Russia


A fundamentally new class of solutions for large companies and government agencies in the conditions of exponential growth of data volume and complexity of integration subsystems and processes

A basic solution for creating a range of application products:
Billing system, Payment system, Clusterware, Data Warehouse, BI-solutions, Blockchain projects, ERP, Internet of Things (IoT)

We invite interested organizations to discuss and implement with our team research and development (RnD) in industries:
FINTECH, Telecommunications, Logistics, Manufacturing, FMCG

Data Driven Enterprise

The construction of a universal data landscapes for businesses, data-driven banking and state structures, medicine, mobile operators, online shopping

Effective solution

Infrastructure hardware and software solution that allows you to store and process an unlimited amount of data, supports processing and provides the ability in real-time analitics

Russian development

A completely Russian solution that generalizes and dramatically improves global practices for building large and super-large data landscapes

LeanDI Advantages

Преимущества LeanDI

Russian development

Entirely Russian design, supports processors «Elbrus»

Linear vertical and horizontal scalability

Support for all data types and sources


Ultra-fast Time-to-Market
Ability to expand, modify and maintain storage in hot-mode, in parallel with normal operations

Real-time Analytics

Effective work with ultra-large amounts of data
Real-Time Analytics and processing
«Single Point of Truth» (SPT) on the entire data landscape

Easy database migration

Painless migration of data from existing databases to LeanDI storage

TCO reduction

Significant TCO reduction (up to 10 times) for large enterprises - licenses, equipment and support


LeanDI technology solves problems
  • End-to-end data infrastructure design
  • Virtual centralization and, at the same time, physical decentralization of data
  • Data management with unique functionality - transactional, relational, ACID
Basic characteristics
  • The solution consists of computing hardware-software complex intended for storage and processing of large and ultra-large volumes of data
  • The solution is a geo-distributed homogeneous computing system implementing the Shared-Nothing cluster architecture and the BUS-integration concept
  • The solution is based on hybrid OLAP / OLTP storage (HTAP)
  • Using the principle of «Non-Blocking Transaction» (NBT)
  • Mass Parallel Computing (MPP)
  • Data Blockchain for security and data access control
  • Unlimited vertical and horizontal scaling
  • «Single Point of Truth» (SPOT) across the data landscape
  • High-speed processing performance
  • Single semantic data layer (ACID)
  • Enterprise master data management (MDM)
  • Centralized management of the conceptual and physical data models
  • Data integration and Federation
  • Integrate data into existing business processes and data flows
  • Providing high-performance data marts
  • Providing tools for data loading and unloading, as well as interfaces with other automated systems
  • Transactional processing
  • Managing security models
  • Data-modeling methodology and tools (Anchor)
  • Administration, performance management, and access control configuration tools
  • Integration tools with external systems
  • Lifecycle-solution management system


The LeanDI-team requires specialists in the following areas:

  • Programming in C++, including low-level
  • Promotion of solutions to the corporate market and the government sector
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